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ICV Truck

The range caters to diverse application segments with ease and efficiency to provide the optimum balance between performance and economics.
The Ultra range of international standard light commercial vehicles set new benchmarks in India. Designed to offer performance standards that are streets ahead of competition.
They are the vehicles of the future with next-gen aesthetics that are ready to change the way you truck.

Tata LPT 1412: India's leading commercial vehicle manufacturer Tata has trucks to fulfill each and every need of the transporters and businessman. It has made truck available in every weight category and power options, dividing them broadly in Light, Medium and Heavy weight category.


Being a country with varied terrains, it is required to transport goods with different load carrying capacity trucks and Tata's Tata LPT 1412 CRX is one of the efficient options. Categorized under light weight category, Tata LPT 1412 CRX is suitable for small businesses, transporting manufacturing material like cement, bricks and sand, delivering goods to the market etc.

Tata LPT 1109: Tough in Design, High on Performance
Staying ahead of times, our range offers 12 - 13 Ton GVWR, Power Steering & other delighters for the comfort and performance conscious customers which gives improved driver comfort, comes with best-in-class fuel efficiency, sturdiest chassis frame, improved load body and seating arrangements available in varied wheel base options for customized applications, also comes in sleeper cabin (42 & 48 WB) for longer routes.

We as an authorized Tata Ultra truck dealer in Eastern Uttar Pradesh have established an utmost position in the industry of sales and services. We are serving our clients from the past 15 Year which has helped us in understanding the prerequisite of the clients without any delays. We also offer the professional servicing of the commercial vehicles to our widely spread network of authorized Tata motors services stations.


  • TATA 912 LPT

  • TATA 1012 LPT

  • TATA T.9 Ultra

  • TATA 1112 LPT

  • TATA 1212 LPT

  • TATA T.11 Ultra

  • TATA T.12 Ultra

  • TATA 1412 LPT

  • TATA T.14 Ultra

  • TATA 1512 LPT

  • TATA T.16 Ultra

  • TATA T.16 Ultra SL

ICV CNG Variants

  • TATA 1009g LPT

  • TATA 1109g LPT

  • TATA 1412g LPT

  • TATA 1512g LPT

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