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TATA Winger

Tata Winger BS6 comes with better comfort, better mileage and better earnings. The comfort it offers to passengers, coupled with its low maintenance and fuel efficiency makes it the choice of vehicle for staff transport by India's best companies. The Winger BS6 is equipped with the Power of 6.


  • TATA Winger Tourist/Staff 12 S

  • TATA Winger Staff 12+D / 13+D

  • TATA Winger Skool 3200 WB 18+D

  • TATA Winger Tourist/Staff 9+D

  • TATA Winger Skool 3488 WB 20+A+D

  • TATA Winger Ambulance 3200

  • TATA Winger Tourist/Staff 15S

  • TATA Winger Skool 2800 WB 13+D

  • TATA Winger Ambulance 3488

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